If you’d like to feel confident and calm instead of self-doubt and anxiety….you’re in the right place

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Does anxiety or worry prevent you from pursuing your dreams and fulfilling your true potential?

Do you freeze or experience symptoms like a racing heart, self-doubt, and nausea when you are under pressure to perform?

I’m a Northwestern MBA graduate, with proven experience as an executive and career consultant,  corporate executive, and mental game coach. I know what it’s like to face intense performance pressure. I also understand from personal experience the toll anxiety and self-doubt have on limiting potential.

As a certified HeartMath Coach with expertise in in sports psychology, I’m dedicated to leveraging this experience to help others overcome these barriers. I’ll help you manage and reverse the damage that anxiety, self-doubt, and stress can cause. You’ll enhance your sense of well-being, build resilience, and fulfill your promise whether at work, on the field, performing, or simply desiring to feel better on a day-to-day basis.


My office is located in Northbrook, IL. Simply call me at 224-300–0031 or email holly@www.hollykatz.com to arrange a friendly and informal, no-obligation ‘meet and greet’. This can take place in person or via Skype. Whatever works for you, works for me. We’ll figure out if we’re a good fit and discuss the next steps to achieving more confidence and calm.

Call me at 224-300–0031
Email: holly@www.hollykatz.com

About Me

I’m Holly Katz, and I appreciate your interest. I’m dedicated to helping others understand the psychological barriers they encounter and overcome those barriers in order to fulfill their true potential. I’ve helped hundreds of clients move with ease through significant performance, business, and academic pressure.



One-on-one sessions, are typically conducted in person and also available through Skype. We will work together in a supportive environment using a focused and practical approach. I also present Confident Calm workshops on enhancing performance and managing stress to businesses, teams, and other organizations


All client sessions are conducted in the strictest of confidence.