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If you’d like to feel confident and calm instead of self-doubt and anxiety… You’re in the right place

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Does anxiety or worry prevent you from pursuing your dreams and fulfilling your true potential?

Do you freeze or experience symptoms like a racing heart, self-doubt, and nausea when you are under pressure to perform?


I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor, hold an MBA from Northwestern University, and played Big 10 Tennis at the University of Wisconsin. I help athletes,executives, and clients simply looking to get unstuck, achieve goals, and restore a feeling of well-being.

I know what it’s like to face intense performance pressure as well as the toll that anxiety and self-doubt have on day to day living. My mission is to help you overcome these barriers and fulfill your potential. Through our work together, you’ll enhance your sense of well-being, build resilience, and fulfill your promise whether at work, on the field, or in your day to day experience.


achieving your goals

One-on-one sessions, are typically conducted in person and also available through Skype. We will work together in a supportive environment using a focused and practical approach. I also present Confident Calm workshops on enhancing performance and managing stress to businesses, teams, and other organizations

Client Testimoinials

  • “Holly is a ‘master’ at her trade. Her work with her clients is remarkable. She provides great direction and advice.”

    Claudia Nevoral

    – Manager at Pfizer
  • “Thanks so much for your help when I was trying out for the equestrian team at Cornell! I still remember how stressed and nervous I was and I couldn’t have made it without your help and support.”

    Sophie Harlam

    - Cornell University Equestrian
  • “The Women’s Open team appreciated the valuable peak performance information Holly provided. We’d like to her to come back and present to our men’s team! “

    Jon Schaff

    Tennis Director, Midtown Athletic Club
  • “Holly helped my daughter Hannah, a volleyball player at Maine West, overcome performance anxiety on the court. After working with Holly, Hannah had her best season ever. I highly recommend Holly for anyone needing to overcome anxiety and improve performance.”

    Deb Kuhn

    Parent of Hannah
  • My son battles, as do many musicians with professional aspirations, with performance anxiety. Holly Katz has truly helped my son realize his potential! She has been instrumental in my son being able to inch closer to his dream of a career in music performance.

    Wayne Gordon

    Band Director, Wood Oaks Jr. High School

About Me

I’m Holly Katz, and I appreciate your interest. I’m dedicated to helping others understand the psychological barriers they encounter and overcome those barriers in order to fulfill their true potential. I’ve helped hundreds of clients move with ease through significant performance, business, and academic pressure.

Get in Touch

My office is located in Northbrook, IL. Simply call me at 224-300–0031 or email to arrange a friendly and informal, no-obligation ‘meet and greet’. This can take place in person or via Skype. Whatever works for you, works for me. We’ll figure out if we’re a good fit and discuss the next steps to achieving more confidence and calm.