One-on-one sessions, are typically conducted in person and also available through Skype. We will work together in a supportive environment using a focused and practical approach. I also present Confident Calm workshops on enhancing performance and managing stress to businesses, teams, and other organizations.


My first priority is to form a trusting connection with you. We’ll talk about your background, history, strengths, struggles, goals, and dreams. From there, we’ll develop a plan and begin addressing the most pressing issues first employing proven, research-based methodologies.


While each situation is unique, in general four to six sessions are required to meet a client’s goals. In some cases, new areas to address may emerge, in which case we can opt to continue working together.


I offer five specific areas of focus tailored to meet your needs as follows:

Confident Calm Now

Do worry, fear, and anxiety prevent you from being your best? This program will provide you with tools to feel more self-assured and quiet within so that you can fulfill your promise in all aspects of your life.


Confident Calm Athletes 

If you are an athlete, Confident Calm Athletes will help you overcome performance anxiety (choking, the “yips,” and freezing) and get in the zone. You will gain tools to experience flow and perform at your peak even under the most severe pressure.


Confident Calm Music And Performance

If you are a musician, actor, speaker, or facing a personal challenge, Confident Calm Music & Performance will help you overcome performance anxiety (shaking, freezing, nausea, etc.) and get in the zone. You will gain tools to experience flow and perform at your peak even under the most severe pressure.


Confident Calm Testing

If you have a racing heart, feel nauseated, or freeze before tests and college entrance exams, this program is for you.  It will help you fully focus and apply all of your energy on exam questions instead of feeling distracted by test anxiety. You will also learn peak performance strategies to maximize your testing ability.


Confident Calm Executives And Professionals

If you are a business professional who is feeling stuck, exploring new opportunities, or seeking to make career changes, Confident Calm Executives and Professionals is for you. You will learn to feel self-assured and in control when public speaking, interviewing, leading or presenting at meetings, or when involved in difficult, conflictual communications. In addition, you will experience an increase in vitality and improved relationships at work and at home.